Catch a Cue...M S V Made Easy!

Running Records

As I move forward with planning the teacher training for the Fountas and Pinnell Leveling kits, a friend reminded me to review the basics of running records BEFORE I add the comprehension, vocabulary and fluency components of the F & P Kits.  When I was taught to do running records, it was not an option to evaluate the errors and self-corrections.  The miscues should drive your planning and teaching.

I tape the MSV Triple Venn to my desk as a quick resource for assessing the running record.
I hope this is a quick review of assessing student errors.  Using their errors can drive their instruction.

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I am super excited to report I am heading to a new school and a new job. I will miss my colleagues and friends at my old school (and even the administrators...they were great), but I am ready for the challenge and change. I am also excited that I already know some teachers at my new school including the awesome librarian. I will be the Reading Specialist at a primary school starting in the Fall.

As the reading specialist, I will get to help set the tone in the building for literacy, as the principal is new to the school, as well...and she wants to build a literacy team first.

We will be using the Fountas and Pinnell leveling kit and I found a wonderful training power point on Teachers Pay Teachers that can help me, help them. Thanks, Jennifer Lockner. (I hope I am giving credit the correct way to Jennifer...if not, please let me know. I want to give credit where credit is due.)

I love the non-fiction support in the F&P leveling kit. What are your favorite parts of the F&P leveling kit? What should I make sure to tell them about these kits? I want to get the "buy in" right away with the teachers.

Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System Training Powerpoint