Five for Friday


1.  Visualizing Part II

Look what Heather Murphy’s kindergarten class made with the Visualizing lesson I posted February 19th.  What a great anchor chart.

 2.  Kindergarten Writing

Check out 2 samples from Heather Bailey’s class.  Heather Bailey was using a writing lesson I shared.   They are doing great things.

 3.  March Conferences

What a great March…I LOVED presenting at the North Carolina Reading Association Conference and the Virginia State Reading Association. 

 4.  Soccer Season

Soccer season is in full swing…so if you need me and can’t find me…check the soccer field!  Both of my boys play (one in high school and one is college) and there are games for each this weekend.  One son is a mid-fielder and one son is a goalie.  I'll be routing on the Hawks and the Wildcats!

 5.  Happy Spring Break!

I’m ready to rest and reboot!    I can’t believe we are almost done with the school year.  We start after Labor Day, so we go until the 14th of June.  Can’t wait to see how much my students have grown this year!

This could be a fun way to practice putting all the sounds together.

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Five for Friday

Several blogs have a "linky party" for a 5 for Friday.  It's 5 thoughts about the week.   I can't quite figure out the "linky party" yet.  But, here's my 5 for Friday.

1.  Best moment... Kindergarten is the best grade EVER!

After working for the last two weeks with a kindergarten class I announced today it was my last day with them.  Several children groaned and said, “Why?”  When I explained I had to go help another class how to write their own stories, one child said, “I’ll always remember you.”  I’m just going to the room next door.  Ahhh, to be remembered!

2.  Can't wait... starting the countdown to Spring Break.

It’s not going to be a restful break…driving with my parents to Ohio, but ready for a break from school.  It’s been a long, weird winter.  It will also be nice to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins.

3.  I'm loving... the spring weather today.

It was actually hot in my car at the end of the day.  I promise not to complain about the hot weather this summer.

4.  I'm not loving... the newest "widget" on my blog.

I really need to figure out this “follow my blog” widget on the blog.  UGH!  I hate when I follow the directions and it doesn’t do what I want it to.

5.  I'm working on... my IRA presentation.

Need to finish up my vocabulary presentation for IRA.  I'm very excited to be presenting.  Can’t wait to go to New Orleans!

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