July 4, 2014

Celebrating our FREEDOM on the 4th with 4 FREEBIES!

america word card set
America celebrates her birthday

on the 4th of July.

We'll pack a picnic

and watch fireworks in the sky.

Virginia's history standards for kindergarten includes teaching about Independence Day.  It's a little more difficult to teach about Independence Day when you aren't in school in July...so, this was always my last shared reading of the year.  It is completed with a student art activity showing a skyline and fireworks overhead.

Growing up, the 4th of July meant camping and a birthday cake.  My birthday is the 2nd of July, but we always celebrated with my extended family at a campground and a birthday cake for dessert.  Today, it means FREE things for your students.


1.  America 4 Square

I have included a 4 square writing template and a student-made 4 square with a July 4th theme.

CLICK HERE for the 4 Square FREEBIE.

2.  We Love the USA! Word Card Set

This is part of the word set I’ll be putting on Teachers Pay Teachers soon.  This includes an 8 1/2x11 header, a 4 x 10 header, a 16 block word card, and 16 word cards.

CLICK HERE for the FREE Word Set.

3.  Famous Americans

This is a set of Famous Americans.  It would be great for writing biographies, non-fiction text, sorting, creating a timeline.  I’m sure you can get creative.  There are 20 Famous American cards.

CLICK HERE for the FREE Famous Americans Set.

4.  Red, White, and Blue Alphabet

This contains alphabet headers for a word wall or sequencing activity.  There are 28 cards (all 26 letters and 2 blank boxes.

CLICK HERE for the FREE Alphabet Cards.

Enjoy the 4th and thank a veteran for your FREEDOM!


  1. Hi Cathy- Your Freebies on the 4th are great- next year I will be working mainly with K and 3rd. Looking forward to getting lots of ideas from you- especially since writing is not my strong point, and I know you love it! Patti

  2. Thanks, Patti.

    I'll help in any way I can. You will love kindergarten.