The $20.00 Challenge: Thrifty Purchases for School

As you may know, I have been diligently working in my Book Room.  Sorry there haven't been updates, but I'm still doing inventory and labels.  I have noticed many, many, MANY books have been lost over the years and the chapter book selections are pretty sparse.  Some books only have 2 or 3 copies and I'm sure they aren't doing the teachers any good.  I know we need to add to these books, but I don't really have a budget.  SOOOOO...I decided to put my two favorite things together: BOOKS AND THRIFT STORES.

The $20 Challenge

This was my plan.  I decided to have a "me" day and go thrifting specifically for my office and book room.  I also decided I was only going to spend $20.

1.  Personal-Sized Dry Erase Board

I was looking for a small size board to add to my box of goodies I take into classrooms.  This was the perfect fit...for $.075.

2.  Book Ends

What reading teacher can turn down metal book ends with the cork still on the bottom.  $1.25.

3.  Green Metal Book Basket

I love this color.  I use this color in my office/classroom.  Couldn't resist...even if it was the most expensive thing of the day.

4.  Heavy-Duty, Clear View Binders

One of my jobs during the school year is keeping data...on everyone.  I am always looking for binders.  They usually run $5 each for the heavy-duty, clear view binders.  I got 3 binders for less than $3.00.  AND one was GREEN!

5.  BOOKS!!!!

Finally, I got 20 books for my book room.  Like I said, I was specifically looking for chapter books.  I also slid in a copy of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
I did go over my $20 allotment, but I'm happy with it.
I guess it's $21.76 with tax.

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  1. Wow! Great deals! I also buy a TON of clear view notebooks!

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  2. Thanks, Sarah. I am such a thrift store junkie. You can never have enough binders, right?