Sounds, Abound! Charts, Charts, and More Charts

I have always used the Fountas and Pinnell Sound Chart in my classroom in a variety of ways.  I enlarged the sound chart for a classroom display.  I enlarged the sound chart and cut the squares as headers for my word wall words.  I had student copies for each child at the Writing Center, at the ABC Center, in the student's writing folder, and in the student's homework folder.  It was part of our chant during morning calendar and it was our sound-linking chart for writing "what we could hear."  So I made my own.

Sound Chart ~ Two Ways

First, I made a sound chart without words.  I made it with color and black and white pictures.  I did this to be used with Jan Richardson's Pre-A Reading Level.  The Alphabet Tracing Book is a key to success for our earliest or most struggling readers.  Jan's book contains the capital, lowercase, and a picture words.
 Then, I had to have one with the words~for later.

 Alphabet Tracing Book ~ Two Ways

I made an 8/12 x 11 copy of the book.  Each page contains just the capital, lowercase and picture.  Students who are using this book would trace the letters with their finger independently or with a hand-over-hand support.  You only need one book per class, as you would do this individually.  I created these in both black and white and color.

I also made a copy of the book that includes 2 letters per page.  I made a color copy and a black and white copy.  The black and white copy is in copy order.  That is, the book can be run, cut in half, and the right side of the stack can be put behind the left half and stapled into booklet form.

More Uses

It is important if you are using the Alphabet Tracing Book to use the same picture links throughout the classroom.  Use them for the calendar chants, the alphabet anchor chart, the word wall headers.  To make an alphabet linking chart, print the black and white version of the chart and take it to a neighborhood copy shop and get it enlarged 300x. You could also print it with a poster size option on your printer.  There is a great post over at Dragonflies in First for printing poster size.  It's worth it!

A special thanks to My Cute Graphics for the clip art.  Visit her, she has great things.

If you'd like these files, CLICK HERE.  I would love it if you'd leave a comment below, if you do.



  1. Thank you for your time making these wonderful resources to help teachers build better readers and writers!

  2. This is just what I needed for my Pre-A friends! Thank you!