Friday, August 8, 2014

Classroom Libraries ~ Check It Out!

Setting up a Classroom Library

The focal point of a classroom should be a classroom library.  Allowing students time for independent reading with self-selected book choice is essential in all classrooms today.  I have had classroom libraries set up in many ways over the years and I LOVE helping teachers create a reading area for their classroom.

First, find your buckets.

Using any found buckets or coordinating dish pans from Wal-Mart or buckets from Dollar Tree, as long as students know what you have, it doesn’t matter what container they are in.

Second, sort your books.

Using the labels at the end of this blog or labels you’ve personally made, creating a variety of book choices is the key.  The labels are on 2x4 Avery 5163.  I printed the labels, put them on black construction paper 2 ½ x 4 ½ and laminated the labels.  I punched two holes in the label and attached the label to my basket.  Easy peasy lemon squeesy.

Third, find a place.

Depending on the size of your classroom, you will want to create a library that is inviting and welcoming.  One classroom didn’t allow for a full library to be available at all times, so I rotated the books according to the time of the year or the units we were studying.

Fourth, teach your students how to USE the library.

If you have a filing system, make sure they use it.  If you have a check-out system, make sure they know it.  If you have book limit, make sure they count them.  They don’t KNOW how to take care of your library, if you don’t teach them.

Fifth, ask them what they want.

I’m always looking to add books to my library, but I want to add books they students want.  I know I’ve told you before…thrift stores are my favorite place for books, but also send a list of book subjects you are looking for in your class newsletter.  If parents know what you want, they may help you out.

I hope this helps you get ready for this school year.  If you'd like labels, CLICK HERE.

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