Sunday, September 21, 2014

Old Books Still Hold Value

Treasures from the Past

My dad gave me two books recently.  He found them in some boxes in the attic.  They were books given to he and his younger brother, Randall, in 1946 for Christmas.  My father came from humble beginnings, but the value of reading is the books are still in great shape 68 years later.  They are amazing little books.

Daddy's Book

Daddy's book still has the cover.  It's made of a heavy cardstock with children (as you can see above).  He is the story of NO-GOOD, The Dancing Donkey.  It's a classic tale of someone (or something) that seemingly has no value, but proves to be valuable in the end. It's a sweet story.

Uncle Randall's Book

Uncle Randall's book doesn't have the cover.  It has two title with just the title.  On this page, someone, probably my grandmother, wrote "Randall Xmas 1946."  This is the story of Noah's Ark.  It's a rhyming book with the animals on the ark.  The illustrations are pencil sketches  and full color paintings.

Keeping Books in the Family

I'm the proud owner of the books.  I think I'll frame them for my office.  Thanks for the books, Dad.

Uncle Randall (left), Daddy (right) in 1962

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