Reading is Magical...especially with the Chesapeake Reading Council

October Family Literacy Night

I was invited to share in the Chesapeake Reading Council's First Family Literacy Night.  We celebrated the start of Reading Month with the VSRA theme:  Reading is Magical.  The Magic Tree House was a perfect fit.  Introducing children to the thrill of the Magic Tree House is fantastic.  They were hanging on every word...and didn't want the chapters to end.

Crafts, Bookmarks, Masks...and Dinosaur Eggs!

After each chapter, the students were able to go to a station.  One station made book marks, one made a Dinosaur art page, while another had mazes and color pages.  We also arranged for dinosaurs eggs for a treat!

We also raffled the CD Boxed Set of Books 1-8.  It may have been a small crowd, but they loved the book and that's what counts.  I am so proud to have been a part of this night.  I can't wait until the next one in December!

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