Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Is a Turkey a Bird? Thanksgiving r-controlled Vowel Poem

Control at Thanksgiving?

Is a turkey a bird?  This r-controlled poem and activity are great for Thanksgiving Time.  There is a poem, sort, and anchor chart.

Thank goodness I'm not talking about Thanksgiving dinner...or pumpkin pie.  There simply isn't much control when it comes to that.  It's a day when I eat all my vegetables:  mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole (with the brown sugar and pecans) and broccoli casserole.  MMMMM!

I'm talking r-Controlled vowels, of course.

I created this poem last year as a shared reading for my second grade teachers.  The sort sheet is for an independent center activity on another day.  I know the poem is a little absurd, but I tried to put as many r-controlled vowel words in it as possible.


I am also including a r-Controlled Vowel linking poster. The poster has several examples of r-controlled vowels.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!


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