December Day 18 - Read It, Write It for Winter

A New Word Wall Word Center

SO it's time to change things up.  The word wall word center has been a center since the beginning. We've written it with lots of different instruments, we've rolled the dice to write the words, and we've practice them with partners.  Now, we're moving to Read it, Write it.  I'm a big fan of this worksheet. I found it on Pinterest and it was available from so many people, I don't know who to credit for it or I swear I would.
Sight word practice with Read it, Write it, Glue it, and Draw it. Students will enjoy the variety of activities.
I made 4 Read it, Write it sheets for the winter.  We are introducing or reviewing word wall words in the sentences, so they are practicing the words while they do several activities.

If you'd like the FREEBIE Read it, Write it Centers, CLICK HERE!

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