December Day 21 - 4 Square Part 2

Play it Again, Sam.

Here is another 4 square set.  This set contains 2 pre-made and 2 custom made 4 square designs.

The first set is a 4 square set about Keeping Warm.  The pre-made 4 square can be used with your earliest or struggling writers.  It contains 4 items students wear to keep warm.  The text can be predictable phrases from the word wall (Look at the, Come see the, Here is the, etc.).  The custom made 4 square gives students 6 options they can choose from to make their own 4 square.
The second premade 4 square is "Winter Friends."  Students can write about animals in the snow...with the added fun of the snowman block.
There are also 2 custom 4 squares.  These activities are made with the student choosing what they will write.  The first custom 4 square is titles, "H ow Do You Keep Warm?"
The second custom 4 square is titled, "How to Make A Snowman."  This can also be used as an introduction to How To Writing.
If you'd like the FREEBIE 4 Square Set, CLICK HERE.

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