My Mom is the BEST Mom!

I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings...that's just the way it is.

She is such a great mom.

When I was a child, my mom was a stay-at-home mom. When I was in the sixth grade she started taking classes at our local community college.  She wanted to be a teacher.  Life got in the way before that, but she decided it was time.  She would take a class or two during the day when we were at school and be home by the time we were.  She soon became a teacher assistant in a classroom with special needs children.
1971,  1974,  1987,  1992
As a teenager, my mom wasn't my friend...and that's a good thing.  She supported us, cheered for us, helped us, and but always had high expectations for us.  I knew I could use her as a excuse if I didn't want to do something, "Oh, I can't.  My mom won't let me."  She also gave my my favorite gift ever! She wrote a diary of my senior year...without me knowing it.  On graduation night, it was sitting on my bed.  My whole year...chronicled by her.
Left:  Senior Picture Day 8/24/84     Center:  Diary Gift on Graduation Night     Right:  Graduation Night 6/13/85
As a college freshman, my mom jumped into the college pool feet first, as well.  She transferred into Old Dominion University as a junior to earn her degree in teaching.  Two years later, she began her dream job of teaching preschool students with disabilities.

As a new mom, she provided countless hours of guidance and support so I could be a mom like her.
Top:  1994   Bottom Left:  2014     Bottom Right:  2014. she's the best grandmother EVER!

Thanks, MOM.

In honor of her, here's some FREEBIE Mother's Day things.  

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