What a CRAZY Week!

I'm not sure there is another way to describe this week.

Crazy Good

May 2014 IRA Conference - New Orleans
I had the most amazing news official delivered Monday morning.  I have been elected to the Board of Directors for the International Literacy Association.  It was a complete honor to be nominated.  Then, it was a thrill to be vetted and put on the ballot.  THEN, it happened!  I was elected.
I. CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. THIS.  I am so honored and humbled and excited and scared and anxious and thrilled to begin this journey. I will be installed at this year's conference in St. Louis in July.

Crazy Bad

By 1:00 Monday my day had shifted.  I met my sister at the hospital emergency room as we went back to see my mom and dad.  Dad had been brought to the Emergency Room with symptoms of a stroke.  A "mini" stroke...but nothing seemed "mini" at that moment.  After we saw him, I felt better.  No paralysis. No slurred speech.  No muscle weakness.  Just waiting.  Then, we waited for 3 days.

Crazy Busy

We're in our second week of PALS testing.  All our K-2 students are tested and I've tried to run around and help where I could. Our school district uses this as a universal screener and I spend most of my day and year focusing on PALS interventions.  This test is important in my world.

Crazy Proud.

My youngest, Austin, had his Soccer Senior Night.  Seniors are introduced with their parents and the boys are honored.  Too bad it rained on us during the introductions, but the rain stopped in time for the game.  Then, lightning in the distance caused the game to be called early with a tie.

Crazy Good

March 2014 at their 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Wednesday, he came home.  He is doing great and there are no side effects and the neurologist determined there was no permanent damage.

Crazy Excited

I booked presentations for 2 different school systems this summer!  I can't wait to work with teachers!

Crazy Deals

Went shopping today for a gift and found a few great bargains for me.  I found a dress for graduation and a pair of shorts for our summer trip.  AND I got the gift.

Crazy Lucky!

I have a great husband who has supported through this weeks ups and downs...and always does.

I am a LUCKY girl.

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