Who was your ALL-STAR Teacher?

This is Teacher Appreciation Week.  It isn't about gifts or treats, it's about appreciating your teachers.  As teachers, the most special recognition is the one given from the heart...a picture, a note, or a simple Dollar Tree memento given from a student.

Who was your ALL-STAR teacher?

I had 3.

Mrs. Stiff, 6th Grade

Mrs. Stiff was my sixth grade teacher and she was a real-life Mrs. Frizzle.  She would get us to do the craziest things:
  • We were allowed to tear pages out of old Almanacs and tape them to the windows in the classroom to trace maps of places in our curriculum.
  • We moved all the tables out for 3 days and covered the floor with plastic.  She gave us hunks of clay to design and create and she had a friend who fired the clay for us.
  • We went on a field trip every month...even went snow skiing. 
  • We would have done anything for her.  (I couldn't find a picture.)

Mr. Paige, High School English

What an amazing man!  He taught freshman English.  He was about 5 feet 3 inches tall and wore a suit every day.  He carried long pointer around the room and would put it in front of him like he was going to start tap dancing when he was walking around the room and teaching us.  He taught me how to write a proper paper and I follow his method to this day.  He would also write a rubric or errors on the top right corner of your paper, so you'd know exactly what you needed to fix for the next time.  He was amazing and we all loved him.  Some of us were even able to have him again as seniors.  He retired a few years ago and lives in Richmond near his son.  From what we hear, he is doing well.  His name always comes up at reunions.

Mrs. B, High School Chorus

Mrs. Buckley was my high school chorus teacher.  She was such a great lady.  I used to skip History about once a week to "help in the chorus room" because you just wanted to be around her...and she'd write my an excuse for the History the next day.  She was genuinely interested in our lives.  She listened to all our boy drama and our girlfriend fights.  She never judged, but gave opinions that were based in faith and our safety.  She was a confidante, a mentor, and a role model.  She passed away unexpectedly my freshman year in college, but I think of her so very often.  

They were my ALL-STARS.  Who are yours?

I am attaching a FREEBIE -AR Star Vowel Digraph Set as a thank you to my ALL-STAR Teachers.

If you CLICK HERE for the FREEBIE set, leave a comment below with your favorite teacher's name.  Let's honor them all!

Have a GREAT Teacher Appreciation Week.

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