Ninjas to the Rescue!

It's that time again:  Book Fair!

I found two of the funniest, cutest, wittiest books on the my opinion.

I love these books.  I can't wait to use them during our Compare and Contrast units in our K-2 schools.  BUT...we can't just think of these books for K-2 students.  This is a "picture" book that should be used with many grade levels.

Loving the Limerick

The book is written entirely in limerick.  It has such a great rhythm.  When introducing this type of poetry to upper grades, why not use these books as an example of telling a story...not just 5 lines.

The books stick to the classic tales (for the most part), but give them a great modern-day twist.  The wolf comes to Pig 1's house made of straw...
"Soon after, the wolf made a visit
to the little straw house of Pig 1.
Stay out of my hut
or I'll kick your butt.
I'm telling you, you better run."

BUT...Pig 1 didn't complete all his lessons, so the wolf knocked down his house and he ran to Pig 2's house.  I especially love that Pig 3, the smartest pig is a girl.  (wink, wink)

Little Red Riding Hood is also similar, starting with Wolf sneaking in to take karate classes...

"He practiced his katas for hours.
and mastered the whirlwind and wheel.
He jackknifed and flipped
and at last felt equiped
to once again catch a good meal.

BUT...who needs a woodsman to rescue you, when your Gran and You both have a black belt?

Looking at Both

Comparing these books is an easy lesson.  They have so much in common, but still have differences.  A simple Venn can help with this.

These books are the cutest.  Yon won't go wrong.

CLICK HERE for a FREEBIE Venn for each book!  Enjoy!

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