Week 10 Kindergarten Centers Update

What's going on?

Here are a few center updates...for Week 10 in kindergarten.

In Listening Center, students are working on the setting for the book about bats.  They are also practicing with stamping word wall words.  Several years ago I saw a genius tip on Pinterest for  using ice cube trays to organize stamps.  On the back, students can write word wall sentences.

Students are building CVC words.  Some students are building CVC with the vowels already provided, concentrating on beginning and ending sounds.  Other students are building CVC words including the vowels.  

Students need to create sets that are more, fewer or the same.  After practicing this activity as a whole group, the activity was put in the Math Center.  Students rolled the dice and wrote the number in the box.  Then, they have to draw sets that are more, fewer, or the same.  These boys did a great job.

The New Centers for the New 9 Weeks

We are adding Squiggles and 4 Square next week...can't wait to show you the pictures.  Stay tuned!

FREEBIE Fall CVC, Click Here...or Click on the picture below.

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