4 Reasons to go to a Reading Conference...VSRA, Here We Come!

Later this week, I'll be in Norfolk, Virginia for the VSRA 49th Annual Reading Conference.  I have been attending this conference for 10 years and can't imagine a spring without it.  It is such a great part of my spring and my professional development.  This year's theme is based on Norfolk, the Mermaid City.  "Exploring the Depth's of Literacy" is sure to be successful.


This is an amazing group of people.  They are true leaders in literacy in our state and around the world.  They are advocating for best practices in literacy with the help of dedicated people like Senator John Miller.  VSRA's newest initiative is all about Informational Texts.  I can't wait to hear all about it.  Chynita Turner-Pryer, the 2016 Conference Chair has worked tirelessly this year to bring us the best conference possible.  Trust me, you will be in awe of this group.  You will want to be a member and maybe even a part of the action.  Find someone in VSRA and ask how to get involved.


The line-up for presenters this year is amazing.  I can't wait to hear Kwame Alexander, Jacqueline Woodson, Nell Duke, Kathy Ganske, and Tim Rasinski, just to name a few.  These featured speakers are pioneers in the field, we'll be getting the best from the best.  BUT, my favorite part of the conference is hearing from teachers and reading specialist all over the state share what they are doing in their classrooms.  It is the best way to get inspired.  


As teachers, our world tends to be very small.  We know our district, our school, our classroom.  This is a great opportunity to visit places around the state.  This year's conference will be in Norfolk, Virginia.  It's close to home for me, but I can't wait to share Norfolk with my friends from around the state.  We will be located in 2 fabulous hotels in the downtown area, the Marriott and the Sheraton.  I'm sure we'll be visiting great restaurants and surrounding attractions (I didn't not mention MacArthur Mall).  

And most importantly...THE PEOPLE

One of the best reasons, to attend a reading conference is for the people.  People you know.  People you meet.  People you admire.  People you value.  People who all have a common goal:  to be the best teachers we can be and give our students the best.  Talking, laughing, collaborating, laughing, debating, laughing, learning, laughing, teaching, and laughing.  I can't underscore the value of this reason.  We need to join forces with all the other teachers who are in the same trenches day in and day out.  Learning how they navigate the world of education and sharing our tips for success, as well.

If you are attending, make sure I know, I'd love to meet you.  If you are presenting, make sure you tell us your time and place, I'd love to attend.  If you can't go this year, make a plan for next year.  VSRA will be at the FABULOUS Hotel Roanoke in Roanoke, Virginia.  I can't wait to see what Charles Richards, the 2017 Conference Chair has in store.  Make sure bookmark the VSRA website (www.vsra.org) to get the details.

If you'd like a checklist for the conference CLICK THE PICTURE!

See you there!

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