Compare and Contrast with Emergent Learners

We are using Benchmark Universe in our school district and sometimes it's hard to get practice with our emergent readers. Our last unit was about Compare and Contrast. It can be an easy skill for students to TALK about, but we wanted to see if we could get them to write about it independently.

We Do.

I have said it before and I'll say it again, if you haven't done it together, don't ask them to do it alone. Make sure you take the time to SHOW them how to do it and HELP them do it, then they will do it. Monday, the Venn diagram was put under the document camera. The teacher discussed the Venn and students helped determine which objects were about the dog and the fish exclusively, and which items were about both. Tuesday, students helped recreate the Venn and interactively write one sentence about the dog. Wednesday, students helped recreate the Venn and interactively write one sentence about the fish. Thursday, students helped recreate the Venn and interactively write a sentence about both the dog and the fish.

You Do. Part 1.

The next week, this becomes a center. To ensure students understand the process, the same Venn is put in the center for students to create independently. Students are asked to create the Venn with the pictures.

You Do. Part 2.

After students create the Venn, they are asked to write 3 sentences: one about the dog, one about the fish, one about both. Students are encouraged to use the words on the Venn as a model.

You Do. Part 3.

We have put this in the reading comprehension center for the next several weeks. The more practice students have with creating and writing about compare and contrast, the more the lesson will be meaningful.
If you would like a sample set, click Compare and Contrast Sample Set.

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