#oneword2018 - What is your One Word?

#oneword2018 What will your word be for 2018? My word will help me keep my focus and HONOR my life. What about you?
So, I am such a twitter novice. Want proof? I use twitter for 3 things: tweeting at conferences to share information, tweeting my blog posts, and following a few celebrities and friends. It's not my wheelhouse. I have had a friend say, choose one social media platform and be really good at it...that's not twitter for me. That being said, I found something on twitter this week that grabbed my attention.


It is described as the "anti-new year's resolution." It peaked my interest. I have heard of it before and I'm not sure why it peaked my interest like it did, but it did. So I think it was time for me to hear it. Some of you may know about this...it goes along the lines of vision boards and intentional thoughts. I turned to the ever trusty YouTube to check out what I could find.  The first video was a TEDx Talks by Dr. Kevin Corcoran , Jr. It's a 14 minute video and I took notes in my journal. It was a great video with lots to think about, but it wasn't about "choosing" one word, it was about the one word that changed his life and the life of others: YES. Next I found the video I wanted. It's a 4 minute video by Jon Gordon, the author of One Word that will Change your Life
I took notes on this video, too.  Certain things spoke to me about both of these videos: "1 word, 1 behavior, 1 small action = infinite, unexpected, unimaginable opportunity" and If you can SEE it, you can create it."
#oneword2018 What will your word be for 2018? My word will help me keep my focus and HONOR my life. What about you?
I was also taken by the phrase in the yellow box: Distractions are the ENEMY of greatness. Wow, that wasn't just speaking to me...it was screaming at me. I allow myself to be too distracted sometimes by things that are time-wasters and time-fillers. So it made me really think about what would my ONE WORD be. I'm not going to lie, I did a twitter search on #oneword2018 to see what words other people chose. They made me think: purpose, consistency, respect, believe, and focus to name a few, but none of these words spoke to me. I listened to a third VLOG on YouTube and listened to Amy Schmittauer decide how she came up with her word. In her story, I found my word. Now, don't get worried, I didn't steal her word. I'm not sure where it came from, but it did.


#oneword2018 What will your word be for 2018? My word will help me keep my focus and HONOR my life. What about you?
That's my word. Honor. Honor the things in my life I cherish and the things that define me. Honor my legacy, my passion, my opportunities, my abilities, my relationships, my job and my gifts. There is not an order to those...just a list. To truly honor those things I need to honor who I am. Take pride in who I am and what I can do. It also makes me think about those distractions and how they take me away from my word. I made the poster above to put on my bulletin board in my office.

My Home Workspace

Over the last few weeks, I've also been working on my home workspace. Yes, that's a big monitor for my office because my eyes are old. I want a place that is inviting and organized. I enjoy working at home on my passion projects: my blog, my TPT store, products for my teachers at school and more. I added my scrabble tiles to my table tonight. I want it front and center.  I am using Jon Gordon's philosophy: "If you SEE it, you can create it." I want to see my word each time I sit down to work.

So, I challenge you to spend a moment or two and think about your word. What will it be? Let's make our word our intention for 2018. Make a poster! It'll be your reminder.

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#oneword2018 What will your word be for 2018? My word will help me keep my focus and HONOR my life. What about you?

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  1. I am not 100% sure on my word yet, but the word I keep coming back to is “bridging.” I need to build some bridges in my life to get me from one place to another. I’d like some built in 2018, while others can be slowing pieced together over the next few years. I want to move from stagnant to active. I want my home to move from same-old tired things to fresh new ideas. I have to slowly start the move from mom to empty nester now that I have a high schooler. Finally I want more in my life but I tend to stay in my comfort zone. I need some bridges to give me options, choices, and motivations. —-Emily


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