January CVC...Important Practice for Early Readers

Let’s start 2020 off with a bang.  What else could be more of a bang than making sure our earliest readers and writers are using what they know and what they hear to write cvc words correctly.  I typically teach students to write cvc words using a stoplight.  For a complete explanation of Stoplight Writing, CLICK HERE!  It is imperative that students are using these skills consistently and correctly.

As a Whole Group Lesson

This update includes the whole group set of each independent center. Students can gather by the easel with a pocket chart. There can be whole group direct instruction on building cvc words with pictures and letter tiles. The teacher can use the Stoplight Writing method to help students stretch and spell the five words. This can also be used in a pocket chart center with cooperative groups.

As a Center

This January CVC center is perfect for an ABC Center or a Writing Center.  I originally created the center to be used as a center that was printed in color and laminated.  Students get a board and the letters appropriate for that board.  Each student gets a different board to ensure students are doing their own work.  Each student uses the cards to spell the words and a dry erase marker to write the words.  The students work is checked before they clean up the center.  This center can be used for 5 weeks, as each week the students choose a different board. 

If dry erase markers and reusable letter tiles aren’t for you, you can use this center as a cut and glue.  Each week the sheets are copied and put in the center for students to complete and turn in for checking. If you would like the January CVC Lesson FREEBIE, click the link or the picture below.

As an Assessment

If you need an assessment for report card data, using this as a cut and glue assessment is an easy way for the students to demonstrate understanding.


If you would like to purchase the January CVC Lesson, click the picture or the link.

If you would like to look at the full Spotlight Writing Set on Teachers Pay Teachers, CLICK HERE!

There is also a CVC Lesson BUNDLE on TPT. It is on sale for $27.50 until 6 am Monday, January 13.

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