"Cathy Collier has helped me make the transition from teaching 2nd grade to Kindergarten easier than I ever thought possible. She has educated me and answered many questions about Kindergarten instruction and has continuously helped alleviate my anxiety about how to teach 5 and 6 year olds. Cathy Collier has made me see that teaching Kindergarten definitely ROCKS!"

Heather Bailey, Colleague
Portlock Primary School
Chesapeake, Virginia

“Cathy Collier is a riveting and charismatic presenter. Her workshops offer the participant effective and research-based methods. Attending her presentations is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your students.”

Kathy Bruinsma, Colleague
Georgetown Primary School
Chesapeake, Virginia

"Mrs. Collier has a talent for helping students with various learning styles, cultural backgrounds, behaviors and abilities. She takes her time when dealing with each student on a personal level.  Her lessons and activities that she has created has been so thoughtfully planned, that her students do not even realize the complexity of the task."

Leslie Wecht
Parent of  a Former Student

"Cathy Collier's excitement about reading instruction is intoxicating and contagious. Her presentation to the Norfolk Reading Council encouraged teachers, built their confidence, and inspired them to try new things in their classrooms. Her charismatic personality makes her so approachable and she is willing to share her knowledge, ideas, and strategies. Attendees, as well as myself, still email her when we have questions or just need new ideas. I would recommend her for any speaking engagement as all teachers can learn from her and will enjoy every minute of her presentation."

Dana Wakefield
Norfolk Reading Council, President
Norfolk, Virginia

"Cathy Collier was excellent. She brought lots of samples, and gave so much information in such little time."

Conference Attendee
VSRA 2014

"Cathy Collier -- awesome information, shared so much! I am implementing some things this week from her presentation. Cathy's website and blog helped me as well!"

Conference Attendee

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