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Interested in Professional Development? I'd love to come to you.

I have recently published my first book through Teacher Created Materials. I couldn't be more excited. Having spent the majority of my 31 years in public education in kindergarten or supporting kindergarten teachers and students, this book contains some of the tried-and-true methods I have used to teach primary students to read and write independently...and I'd love to share them with you. I have presented for schools, divisions, districts, and conferences all over the United States. I have provided both in person and virtual PD. Let me know if I can help!

AND I wrote a book! If you are a K-2 teacher or have K-2 teachers in your building you need this! It's 297 pages of explicit lessons for reading and writing. It includes whole group, small group, and centers. There are even 150+ digital pages. Check out the cover above.

You can purchase it on this blog: The Road to Independent Reading and Writing

You can purchase it on my publisher's website: The Road to Independent Reading and Writing

You can purchase it on Amazon: The Road to Independent Reading and Writing
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PD Ideas: (but let me know if you need something specific)

Give them Tools, Not Excuses: Writing for the Early Learner

Writing in the early grades is often underestimated in regards to importance and in content.  This PD looks at at comprehensive writing program for early learners.  Whole groups lessons, small group interventions, and independent writing activities will give teachers ideas to start with their class the next day.

Selecting, Supervising, and Surviving Centers: Ideas that Work

This PD focuses on the best time of the day...Center Time.  Teachers can select quality centers for realistic independent practice that is meaningful and purposeful.  This PD focuses on the learning environment and the rigor in independent centers. When students are on task with centers, teachers can have time for guided reading.  It's a win-win for everyone.

Standing on the Precipice: Teaching Vocabulary to Emergent Readers

Vocabulary can be a road block for emergent readers, but it doesn't have to be that way.  This PD looks at the several techniques and strategies for vocabulary lessons and discussions using mentor texts, text gradients and many more ideas.

The Value of Read Alouds

Read Alouds should be the most exciting part of the day.  Using high quality children's literature, teachers can entertain and engage students in lessons and they don't even realize they are learning.  Making connections, drawing conclusions, and more are just part of their daily activities.  

Staying on Target: Running Records

Running Records can be a valuable addition to your guided reading routine, but understanding all that running records can add to your lessons and your assessment of the reader will help teachers get the most from this tool.  This PD explores the method for achieving quality running records, analyzing the running records with the ever elusive MSV and knowing what to do with the information you have.

The 6 C's of Teaching and Soccer 

This was a Keynote Presentation for new teachers, but it can speak to teacher of all career levels. I addressed teaching in today's classroom through the eyes of a soccer mom.  Teaching and Soccer?  Yep, you wouldn't believe the similarities!  I will discuss how you can make a commitment to your classroom and build students for tomorrow.

...and many more!

How to Schedule:

If you are interested in having me provide a session for your and your staff, you can reach me at cathycollier.wiseowl@gmail.com for more information on presentation topics, pricing, and format options. 

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